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Camera Rolleiflex

Camera Rolleiflex

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    Are you a camera and photography enthusiast?

    Yes? Great to hear, that means you’re in the right place.

    We present you the Retro camera Rolleiflex, an amazing replica of the original model converted to blocks by our design team so you can spend an excellent time assembling it and discovering all its secrets.

    A very special model, deserve a very special replica with blocks


    What to expect when adquiring the Rolleiflex model?

    It is a model as challenging as it is inspiring, a true work of art that will look spectacular wherever you place it, whether in your room, studio or office.

    Because of its high-precision blocks, you will be able to create a fascinating model full of detail and great realism, with intense, bright and long-lasting colors.

    Product details:

    • Dimensions: 20cm x 17cm x 15cm
    • Blocks: 622 pcs
    • Nice stickers and amazing details.
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    Our construction sets meet the highest industry standards, ensuring that you can build them with great comfort.

    Enjoy high-end designs with great realism!

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